Friday, November 08, 2013

LA Kings Matt Frattin fights Tyler Myers after a legal hit

This is one element that I don't like about the NHL. Whenever someone is hit with a nice crisp, hard, legal bone jarring check, there has to be a fight. This doesn’t even appear to be that hard of a check. Whatever happened to taking a number and hitting them later in the game? It’s called taking the license plate of the truck that hit you.  I think this is one instance where the instigator penalty needs to be given out more. Don't get me wrong I like a good fight. My nickname is goon.

Watch this hit,  Los Angeles Kings forward Matt Frattin is making a shoulder-to-shoulder hit on  Buffalo Sabres center Cody McCorrmick. If you watch the video, it doesn't appear that Frattin hits McCormick in the head, he comes close, but there doesn't appear to be any contact with the Buffalo center’s head. We can debate this point if you want, but take a look at the video. 

Mind you McCormick is no small guy at 6'2 224 pounds and Frattin is the smallest of the three guys at 5'11 and 187 pound and he holds his own against Tyler Myers who is 6'6" 194. Maybe Myers is just mad because his team is 3-14? I don’t know.

Here's what I said over on Sioux Sports and I stand by it. "Myers comes over and challenges him to a fight and Frattin pounds him. Myers gets an extra two for holding. The Sabres are becoming a laughing stock."
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