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Bowling Green Unhappy with Travel in WCHA?

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Here's a rumor that's was floated by the BGSU Hockey beat writer.

First off, I see no way the members of the current NCHC would ever let Bruce McLeod run a league that they're part of.  So, if there was movement, it would be under the terms of the NCHC schools. Also, Western Michigan was offered an invitation to the WCHA, that they turned down. This was also the same school that was very interested in getting into the NCHC. So, to suggest that they would just up and leave the NCHC, I would question that was one, right away. That does sends up a big flag. Also, Miami has one of their own guys as Commissioners of the NCHC.  It will be interesting to see what else comes out of this. Remember BGSU is the only Division I school in the WCHA. Also, they were the last school to join the new WCHA. I see little chance of WMU and Miami leaving the NCHC to be in a league with BGSU.
CHANGES?: Bowling Green could be headed back to the Central Collegiate Hockey Association.

Or at least the Falcons could be returning to some form of their old league.

Rumors are circulating throughout college hockey that the next round of realignment could be coming to the sport - even though the latest realignment just took effect this fall.

With the increased travel costs and leagues no longer geographically aligned, schools already are looking at even more realignment - and they're not waiting to see how the current setup works.

Depending on the rumor of the day, there's talk more league changing will take place in the next 3-5 years.

BG appears to be well on its way to contending for the Western Collegiate Hockey Association championship.

And the program is finally on a solid foundation financially, and has the backing of present school and athletics department administrators.

That puts the Falcon program in better position for next round of realignment.

The most popular rumor regarding BG and the other CCHA leftovers which joined the WCHA leftovers in a new WCHA has some or all of the CCHA schools getting back together.

They could be joined by former CCHA members Western Michigan and Miami of the National Collegiate Hockey Conference; or even Canisius, Mercyhurst, Niagara or Robert Morris of Atlantic Hockey.

BG, Miami and Western are members of the Mid-American Conference in all other sports. The four Atlantic Hockey Schools discussed CCHA membership in the past.

The other NCHC members are Denver, Colorado College, Miami, Minnesota-Duluth, Nebraska-Omaha, North Dakota and St. Cloud.

The other members of the WCHA are CCHA leftovers Ferris State, Alaska, Lake Superior and Northern Michigan; WCHA leftovers Alaska-Anchorage, Bemidji State, Michigan Tech and Minnesota State; and former NCAA Division I independent Alabama-Huntsville
Now, in his weekly chat, SCSU Husky beat writer Mick Hatton did suggest that BSU and MSU-M could be added to the NCHC. Actually, I had heard a rumor similar to this more than once, from two different people, but that rumor has since died off. Brad Schlossman also said that he thinks that the league will add two teams in the next 3-5 years as well.

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