Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sabres Hack John Scott Pounds Bruins Forward Loui Eriksson in the Head

Last night, Buffalo Sabres pylon, hack, one-dimensional forward, John Scott hit Boston Bruins forward Loui Eriksson in the head with one of the dirtiest hits I have seen this season. It doesn't appear that the players are learning anything. Scott's teammate Patrick Kaleta is already serving a 10-game suspension for his dirty hit on Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson. That suspension was appealed by the Sabres and upheld by the NHL today.

In what is becoming a nightly thing, another night, another dirty hit. In my opinion, the NHL has no choice but to throw the book at this clown, this is unacceptable. According to Joe Haggerty, Eriksson is suffering from a concussion. Scott has been suspended indefinitely by the NHL pending a in-person disciplinary hearing.

There's no way that you can defend this hit.  Again, I am all for tough guys and for fighting in the NHL, but this guy is a clown that can barely skate and he's on the ice to hurt people. I want the NHL to throw the book at this P.O.S., he's a player that plays four to five minutes a game.

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