Wednesday, September 18, 2013

UND Football: Lou Holtz says UND and NDSU should play each other

I would have to say that even former University of Minnesota Gopher and Notre Dame head football coach Lou Holtz gets it. But for some reason, the two schools can’t seem to put their differences and pride aside to make this happen.

By the way, anyone that thinks this match-up isn’t beneficial to both schools, is delusional and out of touch with reality. Also, FBI University aka FU, isn’t always going to be on top of FCS forever.
GRAND FORKS, N.D. – Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz told North Dakota State University and University of North Dakota presidents this week he can’t believe the two longtime rivals don’t play each other.

The ESPN football analyst is in Grand Forks to speak to the North Dakota Petroleum Council annual meeting this morning. Holtz said he enjoyed having dinner Tuesday night with presidents and athletic directors from NDSU and UND.

“I just think that is insane that two great schools, 70 miles apart or so, are not playing one another,” Holtz said.

Holtz, who also coached at the University of Minnesota and in the NFL, now works as an analyst for ESPN. The cable network is bringing its GameDay pregame show to broadcast from Fargo on Saturday.

“North Dakota State can fill up the stadium anyway, but it’d be a great money-maker for both schools, I think,” Holtz said. “The Legislature needs to get involved.”

Holtz said he predicted on four shows that NDSU would beat Kansas State and called it a “no-brainer” to pick the Bison.
Begin Rant: What the hell was former UND Athletic Director Roger Thomas thinking back in the days when NDSU made the transition to FCS Football. For some reason, we’re still paying the price for this man’s short sightedness. NDSU and UND are playing in every other sport but FCS Football. I just don’t get this mind set.