Monday, September 23, 2013

NHL Hockey: Sabres and Leafs Line Brawl.

I predict that there's going to be a few suspensions and fines from this altercation. First, I would be willing to bet that David Clarkson will be looking at a 10-game suspension for jumping over the boards to enter an altercation. That's supposed to be an automatic suspension. This is after Biznasty was just given a 10-gamer for doing the same thing. I don't think that Clarkson has a leg to stand on here.

This is what the Sabres pylon had to say about the incident. Quote courtesy of Buffalo Hockey Beat.

“He had obviously some other guys in the lineup,” Scott told a throng of reporters this afternoon inside the First Niagara Center. “I think their coach kind of wanted to maybe downplay it. But I was just doing my job.

”The 6-foot-8 Scott knew he had to respond and said he would’ve went after anyone who lined up beside him, so he told Kessel, who’s about eight inches shorter and 60 pounds lighter, “Phil, we’re going to have to go here, just to let you know.

”How did Kessel respond?“I think he said, ‘All right, let’s do it,’” Scott said.

Within seconds, a full-scale brawl had erupted between the fierce rivals.“I wasn’t going to try to hurt him,” Scott said about Kessel. “I was just trying to send a message.”Kessel responded by ferociously whacking Scott with his stick as Leafs mauled Scott.
Also, I don't think that Leafs forward Phil Kessel should get off Scott free for swinging his stick, pardon the pun. That being said, I love a good fight, I like a good brawl like the next guy, but a guy like John Scott is basically a waste of a roster space. The guy can barely skate and is in Buffalo to protect the Sabres. My question is, can't they at least find a goon that can take a regular shift and add something to the game?

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