Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Craig Custance: NHL overtime rules be changed

Detroit Red Wings won 62 games in a single sea...
I know that hockey purists don't like to see hockey games decided by the shootout. I also know that fans are split on the shootout. When the NCHC announced that they were going to settle games by the shootout, many fans chimed in to tell me their disgust and how they hate the shootout. This could be a proposal that might be well received.
Craig Custance, ESPN - Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland isn't anti-shootout. He's just in favor of letting actual hockey decide games.

So during NHL GM meetings in the past, he's suggested that overtime sessions consist of five (or four) minutes of 4-on-4, then five (or four) minutes of 3-on-3. If the game is still tied, then a shootout would determine the winner.

There was some support in the past, just not enough.

In the prospect tournament he runs in Traverse City, Michigan, Holland implemented his version of overtime. On Sunday, he and other general managers in the building got to see what it looked like in actual game action for the first time when the Dallas Stars' prospects beat those from the Minnesota Wild in a shootout that followed the first 3-on-3 overtime session of the tournament.
What do you think of this idea? Would you be in favor of these O.T. rules to settle ties? Would you be in favor of college hockey using these rules to break ties as well?
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