Wednesday, August 07, 2013

NCHC Hockey: Confirmed list of officials

Apparently, Jupiter’s sources were correct as he pegged the list of NCHC officials that was posted on USCHO. Brad Elliott Schlossman has confirmed this list as well in today’s blog post. There are also eight WCHA officials that were rumored to be on the list of officials that the NCHC was going to bring over from the WCHA. Unfortunately, this came to fruition. I had heard this from multiple sources. College Hockey fans aren’t really all that happy though with the list of NCHC officials.
Brian Aaron: CCHA
Todd Anderson: WCHA
CJ Beaurline: WCHA
Scott Bokal: WCHA
Dan Dreger: WCHA
Nick Krebsbach: USHL
Steve Patafie: Atlantic Hockey
Brad Shepherd: WCHA
Derek Shepherd: WCHA
Tom Sterns: WCHA
Joe Sullivan: USHL
Andy Theissen: WHL
Brian Thul: WCHA
Tim Walsh: WCHA

Andy Thiessen (AHL/ECHL)
Joe Sullivan (AHL/ECHL)
Nick Krebsbach (AHL/ECHL)
Steve Patafie (AHL)
Dan Dreger (CHL)
Brian Aaron (CCHA)
1. C.J. Beaurline (WCHA)
2. Scott Bokal (WCHA)
3. Tom Sterns (WCHA)
4. Todd Anderson (WCHA)
5. Derek Shepherd (WCHA)
6. Brad Shepherd (WCHA)
7. Tim Walsh (WCHA)
8. Brian Thul (WCHA)

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