Friday, August 16, 2013

Defending NCHC Overtime Rules

I know there’s a few fans that are unhappy with the NCHC new overtime rules. Why do I know, because quite a few people have told me they don’t like the new rules. If you go back and read this again, you’ll see the genius in this. There will be no loser points.
Each conference game will be worth three points. Three points will be awarded to any team that wins a game in regulation or within the five-minute sudden-death overtime period. One point will be awarded to each team in a game that remains tied at the conclusion of the overtime period. One additional point will be awarded to the team who wins the shootout, giving that team two points total for winning the game in a shootout. A team that loses in regulation or during the five-minute overtime period will receive zero points.
So, I am going to go on record and say that I am big fan of the NCHC’s new overtime rule. Think about this, there will be “0” points for a loss during the five-minute overtime period, in other words, the losing team receives, nothing, nada, nix, nine, nay, zilch. The losing team will receive zero loser points in the standing for losing in overtime, but why should they? I understand that once the game goes to a shootout that both teams deserve a point, but why reward a team losing during overtime with a point? I think the NCHC got it right and I have to give them credit. Bravo!
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