Monday, August 05, 2013

Bison Linebacker Travis Beck to plead guilty to resisting arrest

What's this? I thought that there was nothing to see there folks? I thought that Travis Beck was a victim of the Fargo Police Department? Hum, this is interesting. Now, it will also be interesting to see if the NDSU football coach Craig Bohl will finally suspend Travis Beck for a game or two? I am willing to bet that Bohl will say that were handling this matter internally and nothing will happen because we all know that winning is the only things that matters.

Emily Welker, Forum News – A starting linebacker with the North Dakota State University football team is set to plead guilty to resisting arrest charges later this month.

The guilty plea to the misdemeanor charge would come after prosecutors dropped a more serious felony assault charge against Travis Beck, 21.

Both charges were linked to a brawl outside a down-town Fargo restaurant after bar closing earlier this summer in which police said Beck knocked the other man unconscious.

The more serious charges were dropped by county prosecutors after they said surveillance video from nearby businesses and police cameras showed Beck might have been acting in self-defense. The video also showed four officers converging on Beck after the fight, during which he seems to struggle as they handcuff him
Imagine if this was a UND hockey player? I would be willing to bet that we wouldn't be hearing crickets, like we are in this case. Recently, an Ohio State football player was suspended because he didn't walk away from a fight.
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