Thursday, May 02, 2013

Do fans have unrealistic expectations?

I was reading Brad Schlossman’s blog the other day when I found a couple of posts from fans that I found to be; well interesting... Having been to numerous media days and press scrums, I was wondering what do the fans think that that media should members should ask the head coach? I mean seriously? There is a level of decorum and what is expected of the members of the media as well. Just because a question is asked, doesn't mean the coach would have to answer the question either.

Lastly, I live in this town too, and I am not seeing a big grown swell of dissatisfied UND hockey fans that want the head coach run out of town. Sure fans are upset with UND’s early exit from the NCAA tourney, but the UND's not going to win the NCAA tourney every season. It's just not possible. Or realistic. That’s life.

I am not sure what Brad or Tom Miller could ask Hakstol on the subject that would satisfy some of the fans that are unhappy with head coach Dave Hakstol. Whatever Dave does, he’s going to have his distractors. It’s also very easy to sit behind a computer screen and snipe at people, however, it much more different to stand or sit, in front of that person and face them and question their actions. That’s a fact of life.

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