Saturday, April 13, 2013

After further review: The ECAC doesn't really equate to the EZAC after at all

ECAC Hockey logo
ECAC Hockey logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So as we sit here on Saturday, waiting for the championship game of the Frozen Four, and I have to admit that there are no “sexy” traditional match-ups, in the 2013 Frozen Four.

So what?

What else are we going to do today? It’s not like it’s nice outside.

That’s not saying that the hockey hasn’t been good this year, because it has. There are just no traditional matchups between historical powers like Michigan vs. Minnesota or North Dakota versus Boston College.  

Does it really matter? Nope!

Tonight, a couple of brainiac schools from Connecticut, that are about 8 miles apart, according to USCHO’s Brian Sullivan, are going to show case their conferences skills, in "pinnacle" of college hockey’s season. 

For the First time in 23 years, a school from the ECAC is going to win the national championship in division I college hockey.

Wait, what?

So in case you’re confused, two teams from the ECAC will take center stage tonight, one of them are going to be National Champions.

In the final game of the 2012-13 NCAA Division I College Hockey season, Yale takes on Quinnipiac University to determine who the best team is for the 2012-13 season. They've earned, and I must offer my congratulations.

While their playing hockey the naysayers will be eating some crow. I will take Caribbean Jerk on my crow.

The Weather map for North Dakota... 

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