Friday, March 29, 2013

A few things.... NCAA Hockey

Chad from a Tradition of Execellence posted this question on Twitter and this was my answer.

Here is the link to the WDAZ Story on the UND trip the Grand Rapids. Corey from WDAZ will be with the team as they play in the Regional

Another Epic Fail, this time by the Niagara University SID office. It's really not all that hard, A simple search on could have cleared this up. I am also sure that SID from UND Jayson Hajdu could have answered any questions that the SID Niagara could have had, as well.

For the geographically challenged, NDSU is in Fargo, ND and doesn't have Division I college hockey. UND is Grand Forks, ND and is the seven time NCAA Division I Champion. NDSU is a football school, UND is a hockey school and an up an coming school in FCS football.

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