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This weekend’s NCAA Division one television schedule (2/15 – 2/17)

Big Ten Network
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ere is this weekend’s National College Hockey television schedule. There is a full slate of college hockey on television again this weekend. Check your television guide for times in your local area. As with any schedules, channels will change and have in the past.
This weekend, there will also be three college hockey games that will be available in Canada, so, for college hockey fans north of the border, you should check your local television guides as well.
For college hockey fans that are looking for college hockey to watch on television this weekend, because their favorite team is on a bye week, there are many games to choose from, again this weekend.
This weekend, there will also be two more outdoor hockey games on Sunday, at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. This will be a double header, and it’s being billed as the Hockey City Classic. If you have you have the sports pack on DirecTV, you can watch the game between Miami and Notre Dame at 1:00 p.m. CT and then at 3:30 p.m. CT you can watch the Badgers and the Gophers on the Big Ten Network, which is on most premium sports cable television packages.
Fri.Feb. 15Northern Michigan at Michigan StateBTN6:30 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Feb. 15Boston University at MaineNBC Sports Net.6:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Feb. 15Notre Dame at MiamiCBS Sports Net.6:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Feb. 15Minnesota at WisconsinFS North7:00 p.m.668/669 / 436
Sat.Feb. 16Bowling Green at Ferris StateFS Detroit6:00 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Feb. 16Boston University at MaineNESN6:00 p.m.628 / 434
Sat.Feb. 16Northern Michigan at Michigan StateFS Detroit6:00 p.m.663 / 430
Sun.Feb. 17Notre Dame vs. Miami (Soldier Field)FS Detroit12:00 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sun.Feb. 17Minnesota vs Wisconsin (Soldier Field)BTN3:30 p.m.663 / 430
*NESN = New England Sports Network, FCS = Fox College Sports, FSN+ = Fox Sports North-Plus, NBCSN = NBC Sports Network, DirecTV requires the “Sports Pack” to view the Regional sports Networks, (C) Denotes games available in Canada. All times are Central Standard Time.
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