Monday, November 05, 2012

UND Record against SCSU since 2001-02

13/15/2012St. Cloud State1North Dakota4North Dakota100100%
21/21/2012North Dakota3St. Cloud State2North Dakota200100%
31/20/2012North Dakota1St. Cloud State3St. Cloud State21067%
410/29/2011St. Cloud State1North Dakota3North Dakota31075%
510/28/2011St. Cloud State4North Dakota0St. Cloud State32060%
62/19/2011North Dakota3St. Cloud State2North Dakota42067%
72/18/2011North Dakota3St. Cloud State3 (ot)Tie42164%
812/4/2010St. Cloud State2North Dakota6North Dakota52169%
912/3/2010St. Cloud State1North Dakota3North Dakota62172%
103/20/2010North Dakota5St. Cloud State3North Dakota72175%
112/13/2010North Dakota8St. Cloud State1North Dakota82177%
122/12/2010North Dakota3St. Cloud State4St. Cloud State83171%
1311/14/2009St. Cloud State3North Dakota2St. Cloud State84165%
1411/13/2009St. Cloud State2North Dakota4North Dakota94168%
151/31/2009North Dakota4St. Cloud State2North Dakota104170%
161/30/2009North Dakota0St. Cloud State3St. Cloud State105166%
1712/13/2008St. Cloud State4North Dakota7North Dakota115168%
1812/12/2008St. Cloud State2North Dakota3North Dakota125169%
193/8/2008St. Cloud State2North Dakota2 (ot)Tie125268%
203/7/2008St. Cloud State1North Dakota1 (ot)Tie125368%
211/5/2008North Dakota6St. Cloud State2North Dakota135369%
221/4/2008North Dakota2St. Cloud State3St. Cloud State136366%
233/16/2007North Dakota6St. Cloud State2North Dakota146367%
243/3/2007North Dakota7St. Cloud State2North Dakota156369%
253/2/2007North Dakota3St. Cloud State3 (ot)Tie156468%
2611/4/2006St. Cloud State2North Dakota2 (ot)Tie156567%
2711/3/2006St. Cloud State1North Dakota3North Dakota166569%
283/18/2006St. Cloud State3North Dakota5North Dakota176570%
291/28/2006St. Cloud State2North Dakota1 (ot)St. Cloud State177567%
301/27/2006St. Cloud State2North Dakota1St. Cloud State178565%
3111/19/2005North Dakota3St. Cloud State2North Dakota188566%
3211/18/2005North Dakota2St. Cloud State3St. Cloud State189564%
333/5/2005North Dakota2St. Cloud State0North Dakota199565%
343/4/2005North Dakota2St. Cloud State2 (ot)Tie199665%
3511/20/2004St. Cloud State1North Dakota3North Dakota209666%
3611/19/2004St. Cloud State1North Dakota4North Dakota219667%
371/3/2004North Dakota3St. Cloud State1North Dakota229668%
381/2/2004North Dakota4St. Cloud State4 (ot)Tie229767%
3911/15/2003St. Cloud State1North Dakota2North Dakota239768%
4011/14/2003St. Cloud State2North Dakota1St. Cloud State2310766%
4112/7/2002St. Cloud State4North Dakota5North Dakota2410767%
4212/6/2002St. Cloud State3North Dakota4North Dakota2510768%
4311/9/2002North Dakota3St. Cloud State2 (ot)North Dakota2610769%
4411/8/2002North Dakota3St. Cloud State7St. Cloud State2611767%

UND has a 26-11-7 record against the SCSU Huskies since 2002-03.

The last 10 years, UND has a 0-6-4 record against SCSU on Friday night's and a 10-0-0 record on Saturday nights.