Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Links...

UND's NCHC rival the SCSU Huskies are making improvements to the National Hockey Center. Here is the link to the construction camera... [Click to Link] You can go back and see what they have changed.

Michigan Defenseman John Merrill is not going to go the professional route and will return to Michigan for his junior season. [The Michigan Daily]

Wisconsin Badgers defenseman John Ramage was at the Calgary Flames Development Camp this summer and this video was on the Flames official web page. John is the son of Former NHL great Rob Ramage that also played for the Calgary Flames..

Here is the video of former SCSU Huskies David Eddy who was also at the Calgary Flames development Camp as well.

Kim from Runs on Duncan had this observations of Joe Gleason...
Observations - Joe Gleason really showed off his wheels today. He led some rushes into the offensive zone and got back to backcheck quickly. He was pretty impressive today in his overall game.
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