Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Zac Rinaldo hit on Dainius Zubrus

For what ever reason the Philadelphia Flyers were going after  Dainius Zubrus in this series and last night Flyers littled used forward Zach Rinaldo caught Zubras with this hit in the Flyers end of the ice, in my opinion this was a questionable and a border line hit, some might say that it was dirty.

Also, what the heck was Max Talbot doing in this video?

Personally, I seen worse hits that were dirtier in this years Stanley Cup Playoffs - but that doesn't make this hit any better. The Flyers are out of the playoffs, so I don't expect anything to come from this hit, Zubras also returned to the game.

Former NHL Official Kerry Fraser had to say this on the Rinaldo hit.
A bit of a pattern develops here when Zac Rinaldo took out Dainius Zubrus, another payback recipient, with a low bridge hip check (video link) just above the knees. While kneeing was initially reported on the call, interference appears on the official score sheet as Pierre Maguire of NBC correctly pointed out at the time. This was a needless and dirty play.  The puck was in the opposite corner of the rink as Zubrus cut around the net and was low bridged by Rinaldo. I can appreciate the fact that the refs would not want to put the game on the line by assessing a five-minute major penalty for clipping even though Zubrus appeared shaken up on the play and was attended to.
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