Friday, April 06, 2012

Speaking of Dirty Hits.... (RW77)

All the talk about hits to the head and from behind has been discussed at length but how about this odd one...

Minnesota Wild bubble player Nate Prosser, a former player with Colorado College, got into a scrum around the Minnesota net with Chicago journeyman Jamal Mayers.... and headbutted him.


Here is the link to the story which includes the incident in question (it is at the 1 minute mark or thereabouts).

What a stupid stupid stupid thing for Prosser to do. I mean, right now the Wild is in "see what we've got" mode for future moves, cuts, extensions, and whatever. Prosser was an undrafted free agent. The Wild have very little invested in him. This act won't necessarily end his career with the Wild (or any NHL franchise) but it won't endear him to his teammates and team management either.

He will no doubt face suspension for it but the question is: How many games?

I predict 2 games. Prosser has no NHL history of any negative manner administratively speaking (in other words, he's a first time offender). UPDATE: Turns out he was suspended 1 game. However, to reiterate what I said before:


I know those who know me or have read what I've written in the past know that I'm no fan of the Minnesota Wild, but I've never known them to resort to this crap. They've always been a well disciplined team, to my knowledge. I can't even recall off the top of my head the last time a Wild player was suspended.

I'd love to know what he has to say... truthfully. However, with the media like it is and his agent and advisors in his ear, we'll never know what was really going on in his head.