Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ron Borges sticks his foot in his mouth

A friend of mine from twitter made me aware of this ridiculous, buffoonish and moronic tweet. Is this supposed to be funny? Borges also posted this retraction or apology at the Boston Herald.

I am getting sick and tired of people ripping on Tim Thomas; he's a solid American and one of the best American goalies in the game of hockey. I wish people would also realize that Tim Thomas failed to go to the White House because of his political views not because he is racist.

 Ron Borges, Boston Herald --- Few would argue that among the very rarest of things in North American team sports are hockey players of color, although Grant Fuhr was among the greatest of goaltenders, and certainly Willie O’Ree and Anson Carter acquitted themselves with distinction during their years with the Bruins.

Lastly, the team that sent Thomas home was, of all teams, the Washington Capitals, the team representing the city where Barack Obama lives and works ... apparently not to Thomas’ satisfaction.

Karma, in case you are unfamiliar with the concept, is considered “the sum and consequences of a person’s actions during the successive phases of his existence, regarded as determining his destiny.’’

So what struck me was this karmic notion: Thomas refuses to go to Washington, thus snubbing the first black president in our country’s history, and is a few months later eliminated by a black hockey player who had only six goals all season — and only that one in the seven-game playoff series.

It didn’t strike me as racial, it struck me as ironic.
If you look at the comments that are connected to this article you will see that the readers weren't very impressed with  Borges' comments either, this guy is probably lucky to still have a job with the Boston Herald. [Click to view]

Lastly, the game and series winning goal was scored by Joel Ward - who is a hockey player. 
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