Sunday, April 15, 2012

Matt Carkner suspended on game.

Wow! If you're confused by this move by the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety, you're not alone. In fact I think the Department of Player Safety is becoming a bit of a joke, seriously! How the hell do they come up with some of these suspensions?

First: we have a player with little talent other than to fight other teams heavy weights, attacked another player on the ice, he then punches him while he lays on the ice in a vulnerable position? Where is the honor in that? That is a definite violation of the hockey code. Boyle isn't a turtle, he did end up fighting Senators goon Chris Neil later in the game. So how is that infraction only worthy of a one game suspension?

Then we have a Rangers player Carl Hagelin hit Senators forward Daniel Alfredson in the back of the head and he is suspended for three games. Who is weighing these incidents, is the Wheel of Justice back? What is going on here? The fans are confused. I think message here is that it's okay to hit a defenseless players seven times while they lay on the ice but it's not okay to hit someone from behind?
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