Friday, April 13, 2012

Hakstol wins INCH Coach of the Year Honors..Hak haters go into Hibernation (RW77)

Another blow to the morale of the Hakstol Haters Club of the Midwest (HHCM). Inside College Hockey named Dave Hakstol their INCH Coach of the Year. (link goes to INCH's article)

Hard not to give it to Hakstol, though I think Spencer Penrose winner Coach Daniels of Ferris State would certainly qualify, perhaps Union's head coach as well.

Hakstol started the year off with one top notch recruit bolting for the CHL and two failing to pass the NCAA Clearinghouse. Then one by one players start to get injured starting with Rocco Grimaldi and ending with Taylor Dickin.

I love the Sioux with all my heart but all these injuries and the inability to put 18 skaters on the ice made my expectations for the Sioux diminish and just hoped that our walk ons and spot players can make the most of their opportunities.

What happened was nothing short of coaching genius. The players bought into the system and they simply willed victory after victory. On Ice Leadership steps up and the coaches coach a masterpiece.

I've always been pro-Hakstol so I'll probably be accused of being biased.