Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flyers are in Penguins' heads

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. San Jose Sharks
Pittsburgh Penguins vs. San Jose Sharks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Another good article that I found this evening.
BRUCE ARTHUR, POSTMEDIA NEWS ---- “We’re playing playoff hockey,” Crosby said. “They’re doing the same things we are.”
Laughable assertions, in this game. Only one team was clearly headhunting. This was the franchise whose star player, Crosby, is the face of the league’s concussion issues, and whose owner, Mario Lemieux, wrote a letter deriding the New York Islanders for doing just this in 2011.

“I don’t think they’re calculated, but there are some guys running around that usually don’t do that,” said Flyers defenceman Kimmo Timonen, who was thrown out for fighting Kris Letang in the wild first period. “I don’t know why you change your game for the playoffs, I don’t like that. But if they think they’re going to win that way, go ahead and do it.”

Underlying all this is the fact that the Penguins, who compiled the league’s fourth-best record in the regular season, have come apart at the seams. Before Game 3, defenceman Letang had said, “We’ll see the true face of our team. And I think we’ll see if guys have character, and we’ll prove a lot.”
The author Bruce Arthur does have a point, the Penguins don't hold the moral high ground and I think the rest of the league is getting to the point where they are tiring of the Penguins antics, they are kind of the Vancouver Canucks of the east. This was highly evident last week with the rant by John Torttorella's on the Penguins and their star players being a bunch of whiners. Torttorella was fined for his comments but his message was received by the fans around the NHL.
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