Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diver Down - Vancouver Canucks.

This is a perfect example why the Vancouver Canucks are one of the most hated teams in the NHL. I mean this is pathetic, there is no reason a North American Hockey player should be playing the game this way. This is not the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation, this is the NHL, the best hockey league in the world.

I want to be clear, diving in hockey to draw a penalty is poor sportsmanship, seriously, Ryan Kesler looks like a buffoon in this video, whether Kesler want to believe it or not, he's a role model to young kids and they look up to him.

I am being dead serious, I don't want to go to a high school hockey game and see this crap. Are we to believe that Kesler is that light on his skates and is so easily knocked off his skates? I disappointed than one of the better American forwards in the game of hockey has to resort to this type of crap?  I am not the only one that is less than impressed with this display.

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