Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vlasic hit on Briere

Check out this hit by San Jose Shark Marc-Edouard Vlasic on Flyers forward Danny Briere.

To be honesty with you, I am confused. The Hits that are allowed to go unpunished by the NHL is mind numbing. This is the types of hits that are unacceptable and should go by the wayside. This is a dangerous hit and worthy of a game or two suspension. I don't know how anyone can defend this hit? According to Frank Seravalli of, there will be no hearing for Vlasic.
UPDATE (1:45 pm EST): According to a league source, no hearing has been scheduled by the NHL for Vlasic's hit on Danny Briere in Tuesday's loss to San Jose. It does not appear that one will be scheduled, either, since the Sharks are back in action tomorrow, and Brendan Shanahan rarely does game-day hearings with the exception of back-to-back situations. Therefore, it appears a suspension is not coming for the hit.
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