Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sioux Women to Introduce New Sweaters.... The Minnesota Wild 4th Jerseys (RW77)

Per Brad Schlossman:

The Sioux women will debut the new Sioux jerseys against Lindenwood (not the park in South Fargo). Surely the women will smoke the first year Lindenwood...whatevers but what's more interesting is the jersey. Well, I'd show you the new picture, but... for some reason the image crashes my Firefox browser. So here is the link to it. (Maybe goon will be able to upload it successfully).

Well, for comparison, check out this jersey. (Again, I skipped the image due to it crashing Firefox).

Yup. Pretty much color changed, text changed, done, swap Wild logo with interlocking ND, done.

What they should have done was: drop the Est. 1883. And replaced the stars with mini airplane logos like something similar to this.

I'll end this post with the following:

I'm not really interested (though I won't prevent it) in the "This jersey sucks because it's not the Fighting Sioux" commentary. The truth is: The beloved nickname is dead. The idiots at the NCAA and the PC morons with contributions from Stenejhem (sp?) took it away from us. It's not coming back. I thank those who fought the good fight including the tribe that stood behind us but it is over.

So let's make the best of it. I think, for something I'm sad to see happen, it's a pretty good stopgap.