Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Raffi Torres is at it again.

Raffi Torres is a dirty and reckless players and if you watch this video, you probably have come to the conclusion that Torres should have been suspended a long time ago and for a very long time. The next time this guy hits someone in the head, and it will probably be next week, he should be gone; suspended for 10 games this time.

Last week we had Torres doing this despicable act.
This is the proper response for someone that hits one of your fellow players in the head, this is called sticking up for your fellow players, instead of waiting for the refs to make the call. Nothing pleases me more than watching Adam McQuaid work Raffi Torres like a punching bag.

Let's not kid ourselves, Raffi Torres is notorious for racing all over the ice, taking unneeded runs at guys, many times Torres hits players with dirty hits like this hit on Brent Seabrook last spring during the Stanley Cup playoffs.
It's about time this gutless puke pays for his act of transgression on the ice. You can hit someone hard and make a good body check without having to hit a opponent in the head. Nice to see that Brendan Shanahan has gotten it right twice in the same week. Some Day Torres is also going to get what he has coming to him, you would have thought he would have learned his lesson when Adam McQuaid beat the tar out of him.

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