Sunday, December 04, 2011

Jordin Tootoo runs over Ryan Miller.

First off I have no idea what Jordin Tootoo is trying to do in this instance, compare and contrast this with the Lucic incident, Miller is in the blue paint and Lucic ran into Miller going for a puck. In Tootoo's case he simply left his feet and ran over Miller, you can not just run over the the goalie like Tootoo did. I think Jordin Tootoo is going to be getting a suspension from the NHL for this move.

I guess since no one from the Sabres initially responded to Milan Lucic running over Ryan Miller I guess other players around the league think that it's O.K. to run over Ryan Miller and other goalies around the NHL over. This time the Buffalo Sabres responded the correct way to Tootoo's knuckle headed move.
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