Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hump Day Links...

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Here’s the video from CBS Sports Network that takes a look at the University of Michigan's home Yost Arena. [Click to view]

In case anyone is wondering MSU-M is still moving forward with hockey exploration. [WDAY.COM]

I know this is a little old but, USCHO explains the NCAA’s tweak to common opponents criteria for NCAA Ice Hockey tournament selection. [USCHO.COM]
If approved, the criteria will be scored by adding the winning percentages against individual opponents. In the past, teams were compared by their overall record against common opponents. (See sidebar for example.)

The change would mean that a team that has a 5–0 record against a common opponent gets the same amount of points as a team with a 1–0 record against the same opponent.

Conversely, going 0–1 against a team would mean the same as going 0–5, decreasing the negative impact on a team’s score.

The results against common opponents is one of four criteria by which teams under consideration for the NCAA tournament (those with a Ratings Percentage Index of .500 or better) are compared to all other teams under consideration. The others are head-to-head competition, record against teams under consideration if both teams have played at least 10 such games and the RPI.
Mick Hatten has an article about the recent meeting between the WCHA and the CCHA... St. Cloud State hockey: WCHA, CCHA weigh the options [Click to view] I find the comments to be more entertaining than the article... The thing that I find hilarious is that some SCSU fans think the reason the Huskies didn't get into the NCHC was because of their former university president Roy Sagio and his stance against the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo. I guess we have silent black helicopters landing in SCSU fans back yards.

Yesterday the Grand Forks Herald had their weekly chat and there was a few tid bits on Fighting Sioux hockey and the new NCHC. [Click to view]

The College Hockey Blog ranked the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux 4th in their yearly pre-season rankings. [TCHB.COM]

Debating the Ranking --- While there was some discussion on whether the TCHB’s ranking of UND is too high, I do think that we could make the argument for UND being ranked where they are. I don't think it's a stretch to say that they could end up finishing in the top three this season. While UND lost 6/7 of their top scorers the Fighting Sioux do return one of the best defensive corps in the WCHA if not the nation. Senior defenseman Ben Blood and junior defenseman Andrew McWilliams would probably been a top pairing on anyone’s team in college hockey.

In net for the Fighting Sioux --- Aaron Dell is one of the best goaltenders in the WCHA and is probably in the top ten nationally. There is an old cliché that championships start with defense and goaltending. Add to UND's rock solid defense corps; UND's forwards Danny Kristo, Corbin Knight, Brock Nelson are set to have a break out season as well, add new comers Rocco Grimaldi and Mark MacMillan who are both highly regarded as well. There is an old saying that UND's doesn't rebuild they reload.

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