Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teemu Selanne gets into 2nd fight of his NHL career...

Check out this fight between Kyle Clifford vs Sheldon Brookbank, but also the Teemu Selanne and Brad Richardson bout, that was only the second fight of Selanne's NHL career. Again, you don't want your star players fighting because they could get hurt but there is a time and a place where a player has to stand up for himself and take matters into his own hands if the refs don't protect the players. s/t Puck Daddy

The Ducks Blog --- “You don’t see that very often,” Selanne said, smiling. “When you feel that somebody tried to hurt you, you have to do some action out there. I had to do what I had to do.

“I can look after myself. Usually you don’t want to hurt your hand and stuff, but I was pretty mad. I know when somebody’s trying to hurt me. That shouldn’t be the case in this league.”

Selanne’s last fight was so long ago that there’s confusion about who his opponent was. The Web site lists Chicago’s Chris Chelios as the player Selanne scrapped with, noting the date of the bout as Jan. 19, 1993.