Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ex-North Dakota State football player pleads guilty in ND theft ring

This is for the people that haven't seen this. It will be interesting to see how the NDSU Bison fans over on Belligerentville spin this. Crickets chirping...
A second former North Dakota State football player has pleaded guilty to felony theft in connection with a theft ring at a Best Buy store in Fargo.

Garrett Johnson was sentenced Monday to the two days he had already served in jail, 50 hours of community service, 18 months of supervised probation and a $500 fee.

In June, former player Greg Reid Jr. pleaded guilty to theft and was given a suspended jail sentence and probation.

Twelve people are charged in the case, which authorities say involves as much as $150,000 in merchandise taken from the store between last September and February.

Johnson, a defensive end from Chaska, Minn., and Reid, a defensive tackle from Milwaukee, Wis., were dismissed from the team in April. [Grand Forks Herald]
BallHype: hype it up!


  1. Being an NDSU grad, and a rabid Bison football supporter, I fully expect and support the sentence. They did something stupid, and will pay the price. Just because they have a talent between white lines, does not mean they should get preferential treatment outside those lines.

    As for the program, Bohl has shown he runs a tight ship. He is fair, and gives the player the benefit of the doubt. If that player is proven to have tarnished himself and the program, Bohl takes the appropriate steps. Unlike a former "Rocky"-star coach!

  2. Otzu you sound more reasonable than some of your buddies over on Belligerentville aka Bisonville.


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