Saturday, August 07, 2010

Darby Hendrickson has options.

Check this out this little nugget that I found it over on Michael Russo's blog, it looks like former Minnesota Wild and Minnesota Gopher hockey player Darby Hendrickson could be doing color for Gopher hockey this winter on FSN if he wants the job. Interesting!
Russo note: If it’s the coach, I believe the vision is for this person to basically be around home practices and games. I think former Wild center Darby Hendrickson is the guy Richards really wants. But Hendrickson makes good money as a Northwest Division rep for the NHLPA and I'm told by multiple sources that he's been offered the Gophers' color job from Fox Sports North. Plus, he works for FSN as a Wild analyst. So Hendrickson has a lot of options to weigh through. But I'm sure Hendrickson would be very intrigued by a unique coaching opportunity with his hometown Wild. So we'll see where this goes with time.
While I like the job Doug Woog did with FSN, face it he was one of the faces of the Golden Gophers hockey, I do think it was his time to move on. I also think Hendrickson is a likable hockey personality and he probably won't be an in your face color guy but more of an analyst that explains the game to you. That being said, Hendrickson will always be one of them a Golden Gopher, one of the hated golden Rodents...
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  1. Darby Hendrickson needs to get a personality! He's so boring! I cant stand him! LaPlanta would be better if he knew anything about gopher hockey from the inside. Let Darby do the Wild but the gophs needs a guy like the Bomber to do color on FSN.

  2. Actually I don't mind him at all, I see him on FSN for the Wild games quite abit.

  3. They both lack the wonderful not-overly-polished demeanor of Frank & Doug. I will miss those guys; much less corporate.


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