Tuesday, November 18, 2008

See it isn't just the WCHA officials.

I found the link to this article over on USCHO.COM. I find it interesting because it shows that the WCHA officials aren't the only ones making mistakes and controversial calls. In this case Paul Stewart is a respected former NHL official and has a lot of credibility.
Ted Donato was livid.

The Harvard coach thought his team had scored a short-handed goal with 39.3 seconds left in the third period against Union last Saturday at Messa Rink. The goal would have cut Union’s lead to 3-2.

But the goal went to video review because Crimson forward Doug Rogers bumped Dutchmen goalie Corey Milan just as the puck was arriving at the net. The officials —referees Andy O’Brien and Eric Ernst and linesmen Richard Patry and Robert St. Lawrence — had a conference at center ice before going to the video. After reviewing the video, the officials determined that Rogers interfered with Milan before the puck went into the net. The goal was taken away, Rogers was penalized for goalie interference and Donato was ejected from the game for vociferously protesting the call.

Paul Stewart, director of officiating for ECAC Hockey, praised his officials on how they handled the play.


  1. From what I read the proper call was made. The officials did what they were supposed to do and what it boils down to is a matter if opinion. Controversial calls are part of the game. I don't think a mistake was made. Am I missing something?

  2. Clown it falls under the controversial call department.

  3. Anything to rip on ECAC Hockey right?

  4. Sioux_15: This has nothing to do with ripping on the ECAC it is just showing that the WCHA isn't the only league that has controversial or in correct calls.
    I am not sure how you came to that conclusion?


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