Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fan's upset with the officating in the WCHA.

Badgers beat writer Todd D. Milewski has an interesting article on the state of officiating in the WCHA so far this season. The fans are the ones that are complaining about the officiating in the WCHA. Personally, you can mark me down as one of the fans that are happy about the way the games are being called. No, seriously, I think the officials have done an decent job officiating so far this season. I think the officiating is better than it has been and the players are starting to make the adjustments to the tightened enforcement. I watch about 100-150 NHL games every season and the WCHA games are close to being reffed in the same manner.

It sounds like fans aren’t real happy with the way games are being called in the WCHA so far this season under the rules emphasis designed to crack down on obstruction of the puck carrier.

At least, that’s the way it has come into commissioner Bruce McLeod’s office. He told Kevin Pates of the Duluth News Tribune that for every e-mail saluting the changes, there are 10 condemning them. Last week, he told Brad Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald that complaints are coming from fans far more than they’re coming from coaches.

It’s understandable. The game wasn’t meant to be a series of 5-on-3s and 4-on-3s, taking away from the natural flow of full-strength play.

But college hockey had to do this, and it had to do it now. Here are two reasons:

** The NHL wants it. Like it or not, the college game is connected to the pro game. That’s the only way a lot of elite players are ever going to come to college in the first place — if it gives them an opportunity to get closer to being a pro-level player.

Check out this statement by Bruce McCleod. Hum...
The things we’ve heard most have been, ‘You’re making hockey a special teams game’ and ‘It’s still a physical game and you’re trying to take that away,’ ” said McLeod this week. “The NCAA is adamant about enforcing the rules and we don’t think it will be a big issue after a period of adjustment.”


  1. I'm upset with the officiating because now I have to figure out which one to bitch at before I open my mouth. There's still stupid calls, only now its two guys making the stupid calls. Overall, I do think its a good thing, and probably has kept things a little more in line than years past. The BADger-Gopher series was a bit out-of-hand as far as quantity of penalties, but I wouldn't say we've made a step in the wrong direction

  2. It will take a few games for teams to adjust to the tightening of calls. As long as the calls are made both ways it's tough to bitch although the Gophers/Badgers game was a little ridic. Make the obstruction calls where needed but also keep in mind this is hockey not ballet. I remember one incident last weekend where a Badger player tripped over his own feet and fell akwardly into a Sioux defenseman. Zebra couldn't get his arm up quick enough. A little common sense goes a long away.

  3. There are going to be a few bad calls, I do remember that brutal call from last weekend. I think compared to last season the Refs are better.

    The league has to stick with the new rules.


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