Monday, August 25, 2008

Bruins looking to move Kessel?

I saw this over on Mike McMahon's Bruins Hockey blog. This is not the first time I have heard these rumblings. This makes me wonder if there might be some truth to them. Maybe just maybe; Phil Kessel could be a trade deadline casualty in the spring? From reading the messages boards fodder there seems to be a bunch of impatient and unhappy Bruins fans when it comes to Phil Kessel. Also, from watching the Stanley Cup playoffs last spring, Phil Kessel was a healthy scratch for three games before being reinserted into the Boston Bruins line up; to me that was a head scratching personnel move. It makes you wonder if his days in Boston are numbered. Nothing would surprise me after watching Joe Thornton be traded from Boston for little. Let me say I am still not happy with that move.
Bruins looking to move Kessel? That’s what the rumors are saying...

If you believe the rumor mill, Peter Chiarelli is dangling Phil Kessel and P.J. Axelsson to the rest of the NHL in an attempt to acquire a puck-moving defenseman.

Umm, no thanks.

Kessel is just 20 years old. A proven goal scorer at every level in which he has played. What do I know, I’m just a sportswriter, but I saw significant strides in Kessel’s play from his freshman to sophomore season in the league, especially after he was given his little kick in the butt during this playoff series with Montreal.

It doesn’t bother me if Axelsson, who is in the last year of his contract, is dealt. I like his play, and I love the role he plays, that of a penalty killer and defensive specialist forward, but if Chiarelli doesn’t plan or doesn’t think that he will be able to re-sign the Swede, then dealing him is the right move.

Dealing Kessel, a 20-year-old sniper, is not the brighest idea.

Plus, isn’t Dennis Wideman supposed to be the puck mover? I understand the B’s need more than one on their roster, but Wideman at nearly $4 million eats a nice chunk of cap space. If the B’s are going to add another defenseman, who is good enough for a return involving Kessel, his salary would have to be in upwards of $5-$7 million. Unless your adding a youngster still on their rookie deal (ala Kessel), then the price tag will be high. And, for a team with over a $54 million cap hit as currently constituted, they can’t afford it.

If you asked me to look into my crystal ball, I’d say that both Kessel and Axe are on the B’s roster come training camp.

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