Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Marty Brodeur refuses to shake Sean Avery's hand


There has been an on going feud between Rangers Buffoon Sean Avery and future hall of fame goalie Martin Brodeur. It may have started back in Feburary with Avery taking a blatant run at Martin Brodeur and it seems to have only gotten worse with the face guarding incident during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Lets talk about class; Sean Avery although a decent hockey player is a punk and doesn't know when to shut his big mouth and isn't worthy of sniffing Brodeur's dirty jock strap. Martin Brodeur on the other hand is a world class goalie and a future hall of fame goalie that has won multiple Stanley Cups and post season awards. Martin Brodeur is a guy you would build a championship hockey team around. In contrast to Brodeur Sean Avery is a loud mouth punk that holds the media in disdain and is disrespectful to his fellow competitors. Avery is also quickly becoming that guy that no one wants to be associated with.

Marty Brodeur: No shake for Sean Avery
Martin Brodeur didn't shake Sean Avery's hand after the Rangers-Devils series ended.
The bitter feud between Rangers instigator Sean Avery and Devils goalie Martin Brodeur continued to the bitter end of their teams' playoff series. The two skated by each other in the post-series handshake line without shaking hands after the Rangers ousted the Devils, 5-3, at the Rock Friday night.

"I shook everyone's hand, everyone but one," Brodeur said without mentioning Avery by name. "I don't care how he feels about it."

Avery, who forced the NHL to add a rule to deal with his Game 3 faceguarding technique to screen Brodeur, used the handshake slight as a chance to fire another verbal barb at Brodeur.

"Everyone talks about how much class I don't have," said Avery. "I guess he forgot to shake my hand." Avery added: "Of course, I was going to shake his hand."

The feud goes way back. Avery has called Brodeur a whiner and takes verbal and physical shots at him during games every chance he gets. But he scored three goals in the series and had two assists. He also was called for three goalie interference penalties. "It was not an easy series, that's for sure," Brodeur said. "They did a great job of getting to me, getting in front of me and making my life tough out there." "I think to some degree, as the series went on, he looked tired mentally," Devils coach Brent Sutter said of Brodeur.

More Avery.

Check out this comment this is a classic example of what not to say after you win a series.
Meanwhile, members of that ‘talentless lineup’ have at least a championship ring on their fingers. Also, Mr. Avery, calling a three-time Stanley Cup winning goalie in Martin Brodeur, “Fatso” on national television, does not sit well with many of his fans and his peers. Respect off the ice, is something Marty has earned. Calling him ’fatso’ does not garner you the respect that you yearn. Although you deny it, we all know you want it. Who would not?

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  1. To bad my Devils still didn't have Scott Stevens or Claude Lameaux. One of them could have explained the finer points of the game with Avery :)


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