Sunday, March 02, 2008

UND 2 UMD 1 OT...

Kevin Pates blog article sums it up well ; UMD's scoreless streak ended at 232 minutes and 9 seconds, the longest in school history. North Dakota's shutout streak ended at 196:41, second longest in school history.

Wow! Let’s put this into perspective, the UMD Bull Dogs went almost 4 games without scoring a goal. That is mind boggling statistic and there is no sense to it. I watched both games this weekend and UMD is a much better team than that statistic. Fast forward to this weekend I pity the Gophers because they will definitely take a pound of flesh from the Gophers. I can just imagine what the rug is going to whining about this weekend on the FSN broadcasts. UMD is a physical team and the Gophers better be ready to play. The Golden Gophers better not worry about pressing their uniforms next weekend because they are definitely going to get their uniforms creased by the hard hitting Bull Dogs.

In case anyone is keeping track UND has now gone 12 periods without getting a major penalty. That in its self is a mile stone. UND is righting the ship at the right time going into the playoffs, silly selfish penalties at the wrong time can kill a teams chances of winning a national title.

On UMD's lack of scoring; it has to be bad luck/bad karma, you kind of wonder if one of the Bull Dog players broke a mirror in the UMD locker room. Lets not kid ourselves folks the UMD Bull Dogs are more talented than the score board reflects from this past weekend play that is also reflected in the Pairwise as they are still are ranked 13th and could get into the NCAA tourney. The Sioux with the win today moved to first in the Pairwise.

WCHA over rated?

Not in my unbiased opinion. Look for CCHA trolls over USCHO.COM to start another silly thread next week where we will read that UMD and MSU-M are over rated. To me it is just sour grapes because the WCHA is such a strong league.

I don't think the Miami’s, Notre Dames, Michigan States or the Michigan’s of the world would like to play this team right now. Personally, I hope the Sioux are done with the Bull Dogs for the season. Just a prediction I am sure that Denver wants nothing to do with them as well. While there wasn't a lot of scoring this weekend, the goaltenders put on one hell of a show. Might I say that Stalock was nothing short of F'N phenomenal? UND's goaltender Jean-Philippe Lamoureux was also pretty good as he only gave up one goal all weekend. I would definitely take Stalock on my team any day over Jeff Zatkoff or Billy Sauer.

Getting a sweep on the road in the WCHA is not easy and the Sioux had to work very hard for this victory. UND is now on a 15 game unbeaten streak which is tops in the nation and will play Garrett Roe and the SCSU Huskies this weekend in the REA.

Series injuries

In addition to the Evan Trupp injury yesterday, UND super sophomore defenseman Chay Genoway was hurt in the first period when he was checked from behind and it didn't look good but lets hope that it is not a shoulder separation.

box score

1st Period (20:00)

MND-1 Michael Gergen (5-Checking from Behind) (Served by Rob Bordson) NDK 0x1 1:11
MND-2 Michael Gergen (10-Game Misconduct) (Served by Rob Bordson) 1:11
NDK-1 Ryan Duncan (2-Interference) MND 0x1 5:46
NDK-2 Ryan Martens (2-Hooking) MND 0x2 15:12
NDK-3 Taylor Chorney (2-Interference) MND 0x3 19:55

2nd Period (20:00)

MND-3 Josh Meyers (2-Tripping) NDK 0x2 3:02
MND-4 Jordan Fulton (2-Interference) NDK 0x3 7:30
NDK-4 Derrick LaPoint (2-Holding) MND 0x4 9:26
MND-5 Matt McKnight (10-Misconduct) 11:39

3rd Period (20:00)

MND-6 Matt McKnight (2-Hooking) NDK 0x4 3:19
NDK-5 Robbie Bina (2-Hooking) 5:00
MND-7 Nick Kemp (2-Cross-Checking) NDK 0x5 5:05
MND 1 - 0 6x6 MacGregor Sharp (7) (Matt McKnight, Kyle Schmidt) 11:10
MND (+): 18,13,17,11,5,G32 NDK (-): 2,10,28,7,16,G1
NDK 1 - 1 6x6 Andrew Kozek (15) (unassisted) 12:50
NDK (+): 10,7,16,2,28,G1 MND (-): 13,18,14,17,11,G32
MND-8 MacGregor Sharp (2-Holding) NDK 0x6 13:19

Overtime (0:53)

NDK 2 - 1 6x6 GW LL Chris VandeVelde (14) (Rylan Kaip, Joe Finley) 0:53
NDK (+): 29,17,2,7,28,G1 MND (-): 23,19,22,4,20,G32

End of Game

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