Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is Sean Avery a Jerk?

I think this is a interesting article that I found on line. I also found a clip on this incident as well. This is the type of guy that Sean Avery is. Honestly, this guy is a piece of work, first he about start a brawl in the warm up attacking Darcy Tucker and insulting Jason Blake. What a class act. Here is what Sean Averyhad to say, this is some classic stuff. With friends like Avery you don't need enemies.

“I never enjoy playing in Toronto really,” Avery said after the Rangers practiced Thursday in preparation for Saturday’s game against the Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Center. “Why? I don’t enjoy hockey-obsessed Canadians. The exchange rate is not very good right now. And it’s going to cost me a lot of money for tickets for people I don’t even like. How’s that for a list?”

Avery laughed, but he was serious about most of his list. Maple Leafs fans are sure to share his animosity. The last time the Rangers visited Toronto, in mid-November, Avery started yelling at one of his favorite targets, forward Darcy Tucker, during warm-ups, when no officials were on the ice. The trash-talking nearly set off a brawl — for which Avery, Tucker and both teams were fined. Speculation later circulated that Avery had started the altercation by making a derogatory remark about Toronto forward Jason Blake’s bout with cancer.

Avery denied it. Blake said he did not hear Avery say anything about cancer. And when those rumors made it into a radio broadcast and several newspapers, Avery said he was suing the radio reporter, Howard Berger, and the station FAN 590, for libel. The station retracted the report, but Avery said the papers for the lawsuit were served this week.

“I’m sure they’ll be fired up,” Avery said. “I’m just planning to play the same game I always do. I don’t think I’ll do anything different. I feel like I’ve got my legs back, and I’m just going to go in there and play a Sean Avery-type game.”

That game usually involves mayhem. In Wednesday night’s 4-2 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes, he fought with forward Andrew Ladd despite being held back by an official.


  1. Brodeur should have beaten the crap out of him. That would have been funny :D

  2. Was he an abused child? It looks like he actually enjoys getting the crap beat out of him and like-wise beating the crap out of other people. He is a tough SOB, I'll give him that. I guess you have to be when you run your mouth that much. I read an interview he gave where he said he would like to fight Darin McCarty and break his arm.


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